Bobbie C. Davis ~ Welcome Aboard!

bobbie-c-davis-215x300Bobbie C. Davis – “The Sailingest Krewe”!

The Crewe of Bobbie C. Davis is comprised of real sailors and was established in 1999 as a Gasparilla Pirate Festival Krewe. Our crewe is closely tied with the Davis Island Yacht Club and is a member of the InterKrewe Council.

The Crewe of Bobbie C. Davis’s members dress as 1800s or 19th century sailors while attending the Gasparilla Children’s Parade Extravaganza, The Gasparilla Pirate Fest Parade, The Knights of Sant’ Yago Knight Parade and the Rough Riders St Patrick’s Parade in Ybor City on our custom float each year since 1999.

Our crewe meets regularly at the Davis Island Yacht Club as many of our members are closely associated with this fine organization.  


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I am with the float now our float is out of the parade. If you want to get your stuff the tow vehicle is currently located at Nebraska and 7th. We are welcome on all Rough Rider floats. So get your stuff and join us !! ... See MoreSee Less

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